05 February 2013


Last night we slept outside.
We put up our tent next to our house.
It was not terribly cold, only -8 celcius, but it was windy.

Our tent is Fjällräven Akka Dome 2 

Our sons slept inside in their own rooms.
The older one put on his alarm so they won't be late from school
in case we sleep too late in the morning!

Well we didn't. Actually I woke up many times during the night.
First of all, because I was feeling cold.
My sleepingbag is Marmot Angel Fire Lady.
It should be comfortable in -10 and you are supposed to survive in it -29.
I suppose that is if you are used to sleeping outdoors in winter. Or a man.
Well I am not. I had to take also my son's sleepingbags too to keep me warm.

My husband  in his Halti Airlite -bag was okay.
But it didn't stop him snoring!
In the tent our sleeping mattresses rest on a wall-to-wall plastic mat. 

We had the top ventilation lid open all night.
In the morning there was frost in the walls
and our sleeping bags were a little bit moist on outside.
Being next to the house that is no problem:
You just take them in and make yourself a nice cup of coffee in the kitchen.
 But in real situation we would have to put on a cooker to warm the tent and
- hopefully - at the same time dry them.

So, after this overnight experience I'm wondering:
- Which of these sleeping-bags can we take with?
- Is mine good enough or should I hire/borrow a better one?
- How do we keep everything dry,
 if we have to stay in the tent many nights in a row?
It will help a lot if we can stay some of the nights in wilderness cabins.


  1. There can be quite cold so I recommend that you take two sleeping bags: the Angel Fire as an inner bag and somekind of synthetic bag(1-1,5kg) as an outer bag to add warmness. Two bags help also to keep the inner bag drier (moisture builds up in the outer bag).

    Moisture problem:
    -In the morning it is good to brush the moisture away while it still is frost.
    -Wind helps to reduce moisture due to improved ventilation.
    -When it is a nice day (wind and/or sunny, not snowing), put the sleeping bags outside to dry on the skis, or on the tent (remember to attach bags properly or you will have a cold night!!! E.g. with carabiner).
    -Small items and tent itself you can dry with the stove.
    -If you pack all your stuff in waterproof bags it helps to reduce moisture.

    If you want to come to check some of our equipment, talk about things etc., welcome to Kolmiloukko! ;)

    /Nina from Kolmiloukko

  2. Thank you Nina! All your advice worked very well. It was really good to have two sleepingbags!



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