08 February 2013


Todays question is what every woman asks:
What should I wear?

I admit that my catalogue might turn out to be a disappointment to those
who think accessories mean different kinds of handbags with matching belts.
This is what I'm going to wear when trekking in winter:

First layer: McKinley sports underwear

Second layer: North Outdoor Merinowool

Merinowool feels nice as first or second layer.


Third round on the catwalk: My new Fjällräven Eco-Tour Trousers and Jacket

Recycled, recyclable, breathable, waterproof, windproof -
wouldn't be surprised if it proved to be bulletproof.. :)


To ski: Viking shoes, North Face -hood, fleece had, leather mittens

To have a break: My dear old Halti Down Jacket.
I wouldn't go anywhere without it. I even use it as a pillow!
Can be packed in it's own pocket.

Last but not least the evening dress: thïck fleece outfit, valenki
and a change of socks and hats and mittens knitten by my mother-in-law.

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