10 February 2013


My husband has been teaching me how to cook in the tent.
You have to really careful.
First of all you make  room for kitchen so that all the other stuff
like clothes are on the other side of the tent.
We have a Trangia Multifuel Cooker. 

The cooker must be placed on metal plate
or similar non-flammable underlay.

We use lamp oil as fuel. It is cheap and effective.
When trekking in summer we only need 1 dl per person per day,
but in winter it can easily be two or three times more.
For five days of winter trekking we will need something like three litres of lamp oil.
Most of it goes to making water by melting snow - also for dogs.
Snow melts easier if you add a little water to it. 

If you don't put the kettle on, the cooker works as heater. 

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  1. We have a MSR XGK EX and we use Neste 4T small engine gasoline (pienkonebensa). In addition of melting snow and cooking, we also keep the stove running for warming up the tent while awake (nicer to sit in a warm tent :) and to dry gear. The stove is on 4-5hours per day and fuel consumption is 0,8-1 litre per day.

    /Nina from Kolmiloukko


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