16 February 2013

Dog Aid

Today I'm going to pack a first aid kit for dogs.
During the skiing trip they work as hard as us - or harder.
The main thing is to feed the dog properly in the morning and in the evening
so that he or she gets energy enough for long days.
As important as the food is to keep the dog warm,
especially during the night, so that it can sleep and relax and recover.
For that we have jackets and the husky tent.

It addition it is good to be able to help them, if something happens.
Here is what I'm going to pack for them and why.
For the paws, in case icy trails make them hurt:
Boots, salve, duct tape

Sometimes the dogs, like human, can get problems with skin when trekking long days.
The skin can get irritated for example under their armpits.
Then an antibiotic powder helps a lot.
It is also possible, especially if the weather is very cold,
that they can have an upset stomach.
In that case it is good to have some medicine for scour.
Antibiotic powder and milk acid bacteria.

The most likely thing to happen when trekking  is simple:
Like you your dog can also get tired - even so, that his or her muscles hurt.
In that case I would like to have some painkillers with me.
But in Finland you can not just buy those in pharmacy,
you need to take the sick dog to the vet and get a prescription.
But at least I take an extra harness with open back -
It might be useful, because it gives the dog a change of working position.

Open harness


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