23 February 2013

Final Rehearsal

Only one week to go.
It's time for final rehearsal.

Yesterday, when I came from work, my husband had already packed most of the things.
Pulkas packed

At about five o'clock we started skiing from our home.
Markku and Mora go first, I follow with Miilu

It was only -10 when we started, but the weather was getting colder and colder
- Just like we wished, to make it as real as possible.
It was almost full moon. It felt very good to ski.
We were going to spend the night on the top of a hill ten kilometers from us.
The small white place in the middle is the hill we are going to. 

We reached the hill after about one and half hours of skiing.
It was dark when we put up the tent. 

At this point it was almost -20 degrees.
We hurried to put up the dog tent and warm jackets for the dogs.
First we fed the dogs...

And then  ourselves. 

It was not cold in the tent.
I had two sleepingbags and they really kept me warm.
Still I had problems sleeping.
It well take me some more time to get used to it.

Drying the tent in the morning worked well. 
At four o'clock in the in the morning the wind started blowing very hard. 
We were happy to see the new skirts on the tent gave us complete cover. 
Our camp in the morning. 

Packing the tent ropes tight in heavy wind.

I realised how important it is that everything is packed properly.
This is what happens if you don't pack right. 
On the way home I wanted to walk the first downhill.

After this last rehearsal I would say,
that I can now stop worrying about my physical condition
and concentrate on getting mentally ready.

I tend to think it's not my mind that will be the problem,
but maybe I should not take it so guaranteed.
It does take some effort to stay in the good mood on a trip like this.
When it's really cold and windy, you have to do everything with mittens on:
put on the skis, harness the dogs, put on your harness, find the locks.
It takes time but it doesn't help if you try to hurry.

Living in the tent nothing also requires skills.
Putting on the clothes, waiting for the snow to melt, not losing any items,
packing and unpacking cleverly, going to toilet which doesn't exist, and so on...

Happy, checked and ready!

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