11 February 2013


Today was the last day of my freedom.
Tomorrow I go back to work.
Last two weeks I have spend luxury time doing nothing but training and getting better.
I am glad my shoulder is so good now.
I can move my arm up and down and around.
Ofcourse it will take some more exercise to get it 100 % working but it's getting there.

I am also happy that during my two weeks off we got to the point where we have almost all of the equipment we need for trekking with pulkas. That means I will have some time to get used to the loading, moving and stopping with all the gear.

Today the doctor said to me I can start strenght training.
So, now there's nothing keeping me away from the skiing-tracks!
To celebrate my last day off I had a chance to ski in sunshine.
To share the wonderful feeling with you, here is a short video:

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