07 February 2013


On our farm we have eight alaskan huskies.
Miilu and Mora are the ones which are going to go to Sweden with us.

Miilu and Mora are a sister and a brother, born in 2010.
Their mother is Noona. This is her pedigree:
Their father is Matti. Matti's pedigree is the same as his brother Nansen: 

Miilu has been, despite her young age, already for a couple of winters a great leader. She has had very good chance to learn lefts and rights and Spirit running beside my old leader Aku. 
Miilu is full of energy, happy, but easy to handle because she likes to please people. 

She doesn't easily get tired or cold. And she has got a very good appetite.

Mora has already once been in Sweden. He went skiing there with my husband last winter from Kilpisjärvi.
When Mora was younger, he was a little shy, but not anymore. Now he really likes to come to people. Mora is very easy to work with, he can run alone or in any place of the team with no problems.
Mora is extremely tough worker even in slow speed or deep snow.

Mora and Miilu as puppies 2010. 

Young Miilu training, 2011. 
Mora with Markku in Sweden 2012.

Miilu leading my team in Salla 2012.

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