06 February 2013


670 km from Taivalkoski to Nikkaluokta

''I would like to go to Lappland.''
''I want to drive my dogteam to Halti.''
''I want to ski around Kebnekaise.''

I can say it a thousand times and nothing will happen.
The magic appears, when I ask myself the next question:
- Okay, WHEN do you want to do it?

When you set a date, no matter how far it is,
you and your companion can start to make preparations:
- Take the set time off from work
- Ask someone to babysit your children, house and pets
- Get to know the area: maps, routes, information
- Think about the gear and skills needed and how to get them

My week to week training-programme and a list of  equipment.

Our plan TO SEE KEBNE looks like this:

thu 28.2. pack the car after work
fri 1.3.  after work drive to Lappeasuando, spend night in a rented cabin (540 km)
sat 2.3. drive to Nikkaluokta (130 km), start skiing, spend night near Fjällstation
sun 3.3.depending on weather, skiing to some or all of the following places: Signi, Sälka, Kaskas, Tarfala, Fjällstation. Nights in the tent or cabins.
tue 5.3. or wed 6.3. skiing back to Nikkaluokta
thu 6.3. latest day to come back home

Totally there will be something like 60-100 km skied,
if the weather conditions make it possible to move every day.

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