02 February 2013


Kebnekaise (2104 m) is the highest mountain in Sweden.

My goal is to go and see Kebnekaise in March 2013.
I want to ski around there with my husband and our dogs.
I started dreaming about this one year ago.
In this blog I will show if it can be made possible.

This is not the first trip we have made,
but it is the most challenging so far.

Here is some of the previous trips
We have done to wilderness with my family and sleddogs:
- Riisi March 2011 (70 km, Riisi 470 m)
- Halti April 2011 (150 km, Halti 1324 m, Malla 942 m)
- Salla April 2012 (60 km, Sorsa 629 m, Karhu 519 m)
- Pöyrisjärvi July 2012 (50 km, Jiersti 646 m)

Halti (1324 m) is the highest place in Finland. 

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