04 February 2013


How do I train skiing?

There has been a challenge:
Last summer I hurt my shoulder in a riding-accident.
It has taken many visits to a doctor, an small operation and lots of physiotherapy,
but now it looks that I will get my right hand working - just in time.

In autumn I did nordic walking, but now I go skiing 4-5 times a week.
First time I only skied half an hour. Then an hour. And then an other.
I have to make it longer step by step, but still quite fast -
There is not much time left before we go.
Luckily this is not the first winter I'm skiing!

Here are a few things that make training easier:
- Often my husband comes with me, and sometimes even our sons
- We can start skiing straight from our own yard
- There are many different forest, swamps and snow scooter tracks around us
- Because of the shoulder operation, I have had some time of from my work

Me skiing with pulka.

My husband skiing with a husky-helper. 

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