13 March 2013

Monday the fourth

Monday the fourth - A sunny, happy day
Signi -Rabotsglaciär-Signi 25 km

I was so tired I slept well.
I only woke up once in the middle of the night to check the dogs.
In the morning the host of the Signi cabins came to meet us and to give the weather forecast.
It said the day will be sunny and beautiful, but the night will be very cold again.
I said:
- Let's stay an other night here, so we can make a daytrip without pulkas.
So we did. I let my husband choose where we go today.
He wanted to see the Rabotsglaciär,
which is situated about ten kilometers from Signi.

We packed our backbags for daytrip:
- dowjackets
- thermoses
- windsack
- cooker
- first aid
- lunch (also for dogs)
- snacks
- tea and coffee
- extra socks and mittens
Ready to go!

It felt very light to go without pulkas. Too light, actually:
At first I was afraid of the speed.
The sun was shining, the surface of the snow was as hard as ice
and out dogs were running like hell.
But soon I got used to it, and it got easier also as we starter climbing up.
At the same time saw maybe the best sceneries of the trip.

Valley Kuoper was so wide, that there was no danger going there.
I said all the time:
- I enjoy this, this is wonderful.
My husband was just smiling!

We got up to about 1000 m.
Our toes could fell it was cold there.
We saw the North Top of Kebnekaise (2097 m)
and the wall where the plane crashed a year ago.
On the wall at the Kebnekaise Mountain Hotel there was also pictures of the crew.
There was one woman.

The best part was to ski down the valley and to the sun.
It was amazing!
Going down

I couldn't believe how long and how nice the hill was.
It just went on and on for miles!
At the steepest parts I let Miilu run free.
She looked really happy to run down with Mora and Markku.
But she always came back to me, when ever I asked.
She is such a darling!

We had lunch in the sunny valley.
Then we skied back to Signi.
There were some huskies staying there with a guide and his guests.
I'm sure Mora and Miilu felt like home.

In the evening we went skiing without the dogs.
Just to the closest hill.
As the sun set, we glided back to cabin.
It was a wonderful day.

Things that worked well: 
- Easy day trip after a hard day
- Wonderful weather and landscape
- Downhill skiing

Things to consider next time: 
- Cabins are so good and so empty at this time of the year,
 that it might be a good idea to use only them next time

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