28 March 2013


Huh! Week at work is done.
Very busy days!
It's time for Easter and four days off. 
Tomorrow I'm going to pack 
and then it's saturday, the day of the race.

What do I expect? 

I don't have a racing sledge.
My sledge is a trekking-sledge. 
My dogs are good alaskan huskies
but they are more used to pulling heavy loads to wilderness cabins than sprinting fast. 
I am not a racing- driver. 
I hope I don't get lost on the way. 
It's only 9 kilometers. 
I hope my dogs run well - 
I know on a good day they can gallop all the way. 
I don't want to be last on the race. 
I really hope I can beat some of the samoyed or siberian teams.

I expect it to be a nice and exiting day. 

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