17 March 2013


Here is video from the trip.
No words needed - just feelings :)
I hope you enjoy it.
And now that it's done,
it's time to start thinking about new adventures.
In two weeks I will be attending a small sledog race in Kuusamo.
Maybe you would like to hear more about that?


  1. Nice video! Thanks! =)

    And of course I want to hear more about the race! I planned to go and check the race but couple of my friends will be here at that time so let's see are they interested in the race or not.

    BTW, I was checking your equipment list and didn't see mention of GPS. Did you have a GPS device with you? We normally use it more as a safety device than for moving. Basically even we don't have the electronic map of the area in the GPS we put the waypoints in while planning the route with "normal" map and also some extra like huts and different routes so if it's poor visibility/something we can still move forward in safe or at least semi-safe route. I rather take both (GPS and real map) than only one of them with me. If I have to choose, then the normal map and copies of that.

    Of course if the weather is really stormy/otherwise really bad wisest thing is to stay inside the tent and take a nap or two. =)

    If you want to lighten pulkas, I recommend shovel from Voile. For example: http://www.camu.fi/pages/laskettelu/muut_lasketteluvalineet/lumiturvallisuus/teleproshovelt6orangedkahvallinenlapio.html

    And why Voile not some other brand: Voile is really durable. In different shovel tests Voile was only that survived. I prefer D-handle, it is easier/more ergonomic to use than T-handle with mittens or thick gloves.


  2. Thanks, Nina!

    There is a gps in my husbands phone. This time we didn't really need it, but like you said, it's good to have, just in case.



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