11 March 2013

First and second day on the trip

Friday the first: Driving by car

We started driving from Taivalkoski at 13.30 finnish time. We arrived to Lappeasuando at 20.00 swedish time and spend the night there.

Saturday the second: A cloudy snowy day 
Nikkaluokta - Kebnekaise Fjällstation 19 km

We started driving to Nikkaluokta in the morning and arrived there at about 10.30. We unpacked the car and started skiing towards Kebnekaise Fjällstation. The weather was cloudy and it was snowing, but it was not windy. There was a good track, covered only by some 5 cm of new snow.¨

Starting from Nikkaluokta 

In Laddjujärvi it was difficult to see anything, it was all white. In the other end of the lake, when we had skied ten kilometers, we had a lunch break. We cooked some tea and soup with soy.

After lunch we skied near the hills. I was a little bit sad they were all covered in clouds, but my husband was sure the weather will be more clear in days to come.

It was snowing all day. 

We arrived to Fjällstation at about four o'clock. There were not many people at all. My husband asked some information about camping, and then we went and put up our tent on a hill nearby.

I made a place for the dogs, put on their thick coats and made food for them. We had an excellent adventure meal of chicken and rice. I couldn't wait to get to sleep! But we still had to make some water   for our thermoses, put hot water bottles in our shoes, change clothes and pack everything before we could go to our sleeping bags at about nine o'clock.

Tent near Fjällstation 

What was good: 
- To drive near Nikkaluokta the day before and to be able to start skiing early there
- Equipment, pulkas, skies, harnes - it all worked
- I borrowed a very good dow-matress wich really helped sleeping in tent

What should be considered nex time: 
-How about using the servicehouse in Fjällstation in the evening and having a sauna or shower-or is it too difficult to go to tent after that?

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