21 March 2013

Next Stop: Kuusamo Sprint

The next thing I'm going to do with my huskies
is to participate in a small sledog race called Kuusamo Sprint
in the end of March.
The race has been arranged a few times allready,
and is situated about 100 km from us,
but this is the first time I'm going.

Why to compete - or why not to? 

We have sleddogs for trekking.
We could also live without them -
but our farm would not be as rich without them.
When I say rich I mean rich with opportunities
 to pet, care and learn life with these lovely dogs
but also to ski, trek and move in the nature with them.
Racing is not a goal - but it can be a good tool
to train and to get to know your dogs better
and to meet people with similar interests.


I have almost none.
I have gone to a competition only once before this.
It was Kolmiloukko Valjakkosuunnistus 2011.
That was not a traditional race:
It was about finding as many checkpoints as possible in four hours,
almost like in orienteering.
I came second with four dog team.
Veronica Börlin won. She said to me:
- See you next year.
I said to her:
- Win you next year.
Maybe luckily for me this competition was not arranged any more :)
In my team then was Tete, Aku, Kirka and Tarzan. 

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