26 March 2013


Training for the competition

The basics: 
Lots of short loops in autumn, 
then  longer and longer trips to the forest. 
Our dogs run every week 2-4 times. 

Beginning of March:
After the trip to Sweden Mora and Miilu first needed rest. 
Soon after that came really cold weather. There was more than -30 degrees every night. 
We had to take the dogs inside (to the stable) every night for a week and feed them more so that they would not loose weight. 

Last week: 
Better weather and nice runs! We had some friends visiting and all our dogs worked to give them nice and slow sleigh rides. I also packed my racing team to my car and went for a very fast ride in different place than usual, to practice travelling, packing and starting on my own. That was like a simulation of the real day of the race.  

This week: 
I'm only going to drive one loop on wednesday. Something like 10 kilometers with brake on - quite slowly. For the rest of the week I let my racing team rest and build energy. Maybe I let them run 5 minutes free on friday - just to keep then relaxed and to have a nice contact with them. 

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