31 March 2013


It was a fine competition.
I was fifth!
I'm very happy about that.
It took me and my team 26 minutes to make the 9,5 km loop.
That is something like 22-23 km/hour.
You can't expect more with a trekking-sledge and trekking-dogs.
Here is how the day went:
The teams started to arrive to the area at eight o'clock. 
I put my dogs to stake and gave them something to drink. 

At Mushers Meeting at 8.30 we got our numbers
and some information about the track. 
I was difficult to warm up the team. I took them for a walk
 one  by one and then put coats on them. They seemed  relaxed. 
10.42 was my time to start. 
The 9,5 km track was in exellent condition. 

At 11.08 my team crossed the Finish-line

After the race I took the dogs again for a walk,
to the forest, one by one. 

At about 12 I stretched my dogs and gave them drinks.
And then it was my turn to have some coffee!

For the rest of the day I watched the six-dog class.
There were some wonderful sprinter- dogs and mushers!

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