22 March 2013


I'm going to take part in four dog class.
Here is my team: 

Miilu you already know.
She is my young best leader,
born in 2010.
I can trust that she will be
full of energy,
and I hope she won't be
too nervous when starting.



Tete is the most racing type of sleddog we have. She is born in 2008. 
Her breeder is Sari Ikonen. 
I can trust she will be fast, 
and I hope she will concentrate 
and turn right and left. 

Mora you already know. He is Miilu's brother, born 2010. I can trust he will be easy to handle
and strong, I hope he will be at his best also with speed. 

Kirka is the son of my old best leader Aku. Kirka is same age as Tete, born 2008. I can trust he will do his job - he always does - and I hope he will be happy and eager - he normally is!

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