25 May 2013

The map on the table

Good news:
The map is on the dining-room table.
And we are looking at it with my husband.
At this point I can't tell you much,
but I can say we have started planning next winter.
And is the map of Sweden.

The spring came fast.
My horse is eating green grass now,
and the swallows fly around the house.

In the past weeks we went quite often walking to the fields with our sleddogs.
Like this:

But now we are having problems with reindeer:
They always come near our farm so that the dogs can see them.
It's too big risk to let them run free!
Our dogs are nice, but no dog can resist if a reindeer runs in front of the nose...
And who knows what might happen.
Sometimes we think we should put fences all around our farm,
so that we could be able to play with our own dogs.
Sometimes it seems unfair the reindeers can go anywhere.

Summe rholiday is near.
School ends on the 1st of June.
Then I will hopefully have time for agility with Riia, our german shepherd.
Here is some training at home -
Not traditional method :)

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