04 July 2013

Camping with kids

It's midsummer, the longest days of the year.
It doesn't get dark at all.
The sun sets at 0.37 and rises at 1.40.

We had a change to go camping for one night with the whole family.
We also had my god-daughter with us. She is ten.

We wanted to go to the river or some lake
and ended up in Jurmunlampi,
 witch is a nice, sandy pond in a river near us.

Here is some pictures and tips from the overnight-trip:
Getting nearer, by boat, we saw there was no-one else there. 

Snow-skirts work very well also with sand!

One tent for us, one for children and a tarp for eating and cooking. 
For freetime: Not just swimming,  It's also nice to make sand-sculptures.

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