26 April 2014

From Abisko to Nikkaluokta: Final days


On Sunday, the Easter morning, the storm was over.
We had it all figured:
If we turn away from the King's Trail and ski along the Valley Vistas,
we can still make it to Nikkaluokta.

The weather was wonderful and the view was even better.

Descending Vistas Dalen

Skiing down the Valley Vistas was like dream.
Some places the snow was so soft the gliding was completely silent.
The high mountains on both sides were bathing in sunlight.
In the bottom of the valley the ice was so smooth the speed was wonderful.
Fast 18 km to Vistas Stuga

We had lunch break at Vistas cabin with no wind, no people
 - just sunshine and heavenly peace.
We went on and find out that the river in many places was open.
We had to carefully find our way.
The trail seemed often to be on the wrong side of the river.
crossing the river

The last on the trip we stayed in the tent next to Lisas Stuga.
It was a very special place.
Lisas Stuga

I wanted to swim in the river,
so I skied to a place where the water was open and did so.
The water was so cold,
I think it cleaned to only my body but my soul too!

On sunday we skied 35 km totally.
The only people we met was a sami-family coming from the mountains
and going to Nikkaluokta. They stopped and talked swedish, english and finnish with us!

We went to sleep early,
listening to the bids.


We woke up really early to ski the last 17 km to Nikkaluokta before warm day.
It was sad to put down the tent and to leave the paradise.
We reached the car at 9 o'clock and stated driving home,
where we arrived in the evening.
Not 'tired but happy´;  just happy this time!

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