26 April 2014

From Abisko to Nikkaluokta: First days

Last year I had my first touch to Swedish mountains. 
It was wonderful. This year I wanted to go again. 

It was not very difficult to make the time: 
Me and my husband both managed to get free time around easter. 
It was more diffiicult to find someone to come and stay at home.
Our sons (14 and 16) volunteered, but we could'n leave them alone. 
My parents wanted to come, but they were not sure about their health.
Finally, one week before the planned trip, they said they can do it. 
How grateful I am to them and to the boys,
who took care of the house and other dogs and the horse
when me and Markku where on holiday - 
without them all this would never have been possible.

Monday- Tuesday: 
My husband packed almost everything. 
I could only help a little after my working days.
We used the same list as last year, with only little changes. 
We also cooked meals ready for the boys and the grandparents.
packing snacks

After work, driving 700 km to Abisko,
we arrived there a 21 o'clock swedish time.
We spend the night in STF guest house.
I had booked a room, where dogs were allowed. 
Miilu and Mora behaved like house-dogs.
on the way

Markku drove the car to Nikkaluokta. 
I waited with dogs in Abisko.
Pulkas and bags stayed in hotel luggage room with no charge. 
I took Mora and Miilu for a long walk.
I was very happy I had teached them at home how not to pull in leash!
In fact, the dogs were so nice I could leave them down in a chain 
and take a chair-lift up the Mountain Njuolla. 
What a view!
The mountains, Torneträsk, Lapporten...
Abisko has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. 
chair-lift to Mountain Njuolla

Markku came back at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. 
We had lunch and then we started skiing.  

the start in Abisko

It felt really good to be moving. 
First day was easy: Only 16 km to Abiskojaure. 
It was almost too easy to spend a night in a cabin like that. 
There was sauna and all!
Overnight in STF cabin costs 305 SEK per person, if you are a member, like we are. 
You don't need to book in advance and you can pay with invoice 
if you don't have any swedish money with you. 
Many of these cabins have more than 50 beds and all of them have a host taking care of things. 

STF Abiskojaure Stugorna

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