26 April 2014

From Abisko to Nikkaluokta: Middle days


Morning was beautiful with snow-grouses fighting.
We wanted to started skiing early.
It the cabin-rules it says silence between 22-06
so we started breakfast and packing at six.
As quietly as possible, for other people were still sleeping.
leaving Abiskojaure behind

Climbing up the hills it was more easy to take skiis off and walk.
After a cold night the snow was hard enough for that.
Towards midday wind started to blow.
We had a lunchbreak in a vindhytta.
It is a small cold hut or kota between the cabins.
In the middle of 22 km day

We arrived to Alesjaure early in the afternoon.
Our plan was to ski further and stay in tent,
 but the wind was getting really heavy,
so we decided it was best to stay in the cabin,
take bags and dogs in and tie pulkas tight.
It was a good idea: during the night there was a horrible storm.
It huffed and it puffed so loud that it was difficult to sleep.
STF Alesjaure Cabins


In the morning the cabin-warden said the wind might be too strong,
but we wanted to try if we can ski to Tjäktä.
We promised to turn back or put up our tent, if it was impossible.
against the wind

I have never seen a wind like that before.
After skiing one and half hours we had only made 3 km.
It was like going uphill all the time.
And it was only getting harder.
It came to a point were we had to sit inside the windsack and think.
There was three options:
Try to go further, try to stay at the point or turn back.
We wanted to go further, but it was not possible, because the wind almost knocked us down.
I wanted to stay where we are, but we were not sure if we can put up the tent or make it stay.
The silliest thing was that wind was so warm everything was soaking wet.
Our clothes and all were like after shower.
That would cause serious problems later if we stayed.
So the only change was to turn back to Alesjaure.
a tough decision in the windsack

I was afraid of skiing back with the wind pushing me like a kite or a sailboat.
I let Miilu free.
Without the dog it was somehow possible.
We made it back to Alesjaure Cabins without hurting ourselves or losing anything, not even a clove.
The only damage was one rope coming of the windsack.
We said to each other we made the right decision early enough.
there is no doubt of that.
But we were also dissapointed:
One more day delay probably means we can't make the Kungsleden route we had planned.
Maybe even our car was waiting in Nikkaluokta for nothing?

In the cabin, we were invited to have coffee
with all the other people stuck there because of the storm.
It was a nice gesture from the hosts.
After that there was nothing much to do, except to sleep.
And to tell you the truth, that was exactly what I needed!
After hard winter at work I finally had a compulsory stop.
Like somebody had been planning the trip schedule better than me...

sleeping day and night in Alesjaure


  1. Haahaa, mäkin olen ollut Alesjauren tuvalla tupavahtien kanssa kahvilla. :D Tarjolla oli myös suklaakakkua. Olin ainoa vieras koko pirun jauressa ja käännyin takaisin sinne mistä tulin, koska olin yksin, alkoi sataa lunta eikä siellä todellakaan ollut enää ketään missään. Puhelimen kuuluvuus oli normaali nolla. Otti päähän, mutta käännyin.

    Jokaiseen hyvään reissuun kuuluu vähintään yksi myrsky ;) Tosi hieno reissu. Mäkin lähden tuommoiselle joskus, jos huskyhankinta tästä jotenkin etenee..

  2. Taitaa mennä vielä pari vuotta? Yksivuotiasta koiraa en ainakaan itse ole raaskinut vielä tällaisille rankemmille reissuille ottaa hommiin- uskon että se vuosi tulee myöhemmin takaisin terveydessä / käyttöiässä.


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