02 April 2014

Kuusamo Sprint 2014

I'm happy: I was able to take my four-dog-team to start in Kuusamo Sprint on sunday.

This year there was much more mushers: 21 in 4-dog class and 19 in 6-dog-class.
Both had to do 9 km track, in 4-dog-class once and in 6-dog-class twice.

My time was 23.30. That's three minutes better than last year!
In results I ended up being number ten.
I'm very happy about that and also how my dogs behaved.

Here is my team in full speed:

(Great foto by Erika Klemetti)

In my team was running Miilu, Tete, Mora and Piitu.
It was very nice to see Piitu's and Tete's breeder Sari Ikonen in the race.

This is her six-dog-team, which came fouth:

The best thing on the racing day was to notice, how nice all the people were,
and that I already know quite a few mushers and have friends there :)

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  1. terve, nice pictures and words- its good to race from time to time! have a nice time, winter is coming. katka and petr, czech republic.


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