21 July 2014

An overnight biking trip

IDEA: To do a biking trip with boys and their friends, starting from home. 
Small forest roads between Jurmu and Kurtti in Taivalkoski

PREPARATIONS: Choose and rent a cottage not too far. In our case there is a cottage by the lake Kurtti 20 km from us. That is good distance, when there are different people (aged 15-45) with different bikes taking part - Plus a dog. We had to pack sleepingbags, dinner and breakfast to backbags - not everyone had bike-bags. 
Not as heavy as it looks :)

DURATION: Start from home about 16 o'clock, reach cabin at about 19 o'clock with lots of little breaks and one bike broken and fixed on the way. On the cabin we had sauna, grilled dinner and marshmallow to keep the youngsters happy. Next morning just breakfast a tidying, start biking at about 10 and be back home at noon. Total 20 hours. 

Kurtti Cabin


NOTES: It was nice we could use small roads with no cars, just some birds and nice scenery on the highest places. It was a good idea to change bikes or paggages with each other, if somebody got too tired going uphill. For the dog (german shepherd) it was really good to choose a day with not hot weather. Even if the dog is in very good condition, like she is, following the bike's speed  is a real challenge. 
She needs some breaks with water to cool down 

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