15 November 2014

Rainy days

The weather has been on and off: 
snow and rain, that melts it away. 
It takes a lot not to be depressed by the dark mornings and dark evenings - always leaving home in the dark and coming back in the dark. You need to eat a lot of vitamin D to stay focused!

I want to try and keep my dogs in good conditon and maybe even drive two sprint- races  next winter, because my husband bought me a little and light sleigh. Now I just wait for the snow, cause I want to try it!

In the meantime, here is a way to do some of the training with eight dogs:  

Most of the training I still do with my old ATW. It has no engine at all, but I find it so much easier than any carriage, because it stops and stands with brake. 
Normaly I drive two teams with four dogs. 

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