30 December 2014

The Luxury of starting from your own door

I'm having a Christmas break from work. I can go out when it is not dark, jihuu!
This is just what I need after long dark and busy months at work. Those couple of  hours on both sides of midday are priceless. Everything is snowy, soft and light blue. I feel very privileged because I can walk straight from my out door to this:
Back yard winter wonderland

It's not easy to make long trips this winter, because my horse is at home. I have to take care of her in the morning, day and night, If we want to stay overnight someplace, it means I have to ask somebody to come and feed the horse. Sometimes it's really difficult, because we live in the countryside where the distances are long. But I don't mind: Daytrips on a place like this are wonderful. Even if it just to the nearest kota:
A kota in our own forest

The most amazing thing is to be able to start driving a dog team from your own back yard - and to have a hundered kilometers of tracks where to go. Thank's to neighbours, large lands of Finnish Government, and especially to people in Finn Jann Huskyfarm.They kindly lets us to use their excellent tracks.
Here is film I made today, it is about me and my huskies: Happy Training

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