26 January 2015

A test drive

Yesterday I did a test-drive with fully loaded sledge.

I wanted to see, how we can move all the things the family will need. Even if we take as light food and stuff as possible, it still is a lot four people (and maybe six dogs) need for five days.

I needed to test this heavy sledge with minimum amount of dogs, so that we can decide  how many dogs we will need, and do we need pulkas also.

Film about test drive


  1. It works! But I agree, four dogs (or six...) would be better. How many you have nowadays? Six huskies? Then you'd need one more (three for skiers, four for the sled). ;)

    1. We have seven, but one of them is 11, and I think this trip might be a bit too hard for him.... we will see. One possibility is to connect one of the skiers to four dog team, like we did in Halti-trip.


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