27 January 2015

List of things to do

We have already done some things to make the Eastern-time-trip to Sweden possible.

We have decided to drive our car to Nikkaluokta. So that will be the starting and finishing point of our trek. I have payed a family fee for STF, so it will be easy to spend nights in the mountain cabins. And, about trekking, we have more or less decided to take a dogteam for me and skis for my husband and sons.

I am now making a list of things we still need to do before the trip.

A three-dog-team following a skier
- merino wool underwear for the boys
- winter boots for younger boy
- hard shell jackets/ third layer for the boys
- one more set of skis
- skiing-type harness for one/ two more dogs
- skiing-rope for one skier
- a light stake-out for 6-7 dogs
- warm under jackets for 4-5 dogs
- maps of the area

It's a long list, but I'm sure we don't need to buy all these things. Some we can borrow, make ourselves or re-cycle.

Things to do:
- skiing with dog training and techniques for the boys
- more leader-training for two younger dogs
- added handling and contact exercises for all the dogs
- keeping fit and work out for whole family

The boys practicing
This list sounds most fun to me. It can be anything from going to swimming hall to walking a day in the forest with the dogs and snowshoes - all these things we normally do, but maybe now a bit more often and with a focus.

Things still to decide:
- exact dates
- accommodation for the first night
- route options
- risks and how to prevent them

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