15 February 2015

A night in Korouoma

On friday Markku and the boys went to Korouoma to spend a night there. Korouoma is a canyon in Southern Lapland, only 110 km from us. It is a nature reserve with old forests and cliffs.
Korouoma. The wall on the left is the one they climbed up.

They started their trip after school on friday. The road to parking place was in good condition, so they had no problems reaching the destination. But it was offcourse already dark when they started skiing. 

Starting from the parking place

First they skied down the canyon.They needed to be careful in the dark not to hurt themselves. In the bottom of the canyon they had to cross a small river, which was open. They took a little time to find a tree trunk leaning over the river, so they could go over.

When they reached the other wall of the canyon, they left their skis down there and climbed up with hands and legs in the snow. On the top there is a laavu, an open lean-on kind of shelter, where they wanted to spend the night.
Shoveling the snow to make place for the camp fire

Climbing was very hard, as you can imagine. They were really sweating when they got to the top. They had to be quick to make the camp and to put on more warm clothes. The weather was good, only about minus six degrees. 
A nice place to sleep

They cooked dinner on open fire and slept very well in their down-sleeping bags. The boys said it was not cold to sleep. Maybe partly because my husband put an opened wind-sack on top of their sleeping bags as an extra cover. 
Good morning

In the morning they woke up to see the scenery and to start the fire and to cook some breakfast. At the same time  they started planning the route down and up and back to car. 

What if we go that way? 

At home the boys told me what they learned from this trip. 'The main thing', they said, 'is to keep yourself warm and dry.' 'And the best thing', they said, 'was to ski down the sides of the canyon.' This they really liked. 

Going up and down Korouoma can be fun

The boys are now 15 and 17. For them this was not the first night they have spend outdoors in the winter. On this over-night trip they were wearing merino-wool under layer with windproof jackets and trousers. In their back-packs they had fleece middle layers, which they added on when they reached the laavu. They borrowed my husband's and mine down-jackets and wore them in the camp. 

There is a river in the bottom of the canyon

Skiing back to car with back-packs

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