03 February 2015

Dog wear

Winter-time trekking can be hard for the dogs.

Our dogs are not siberian cartoon type furry fellows. They are more short-haired and fast modern sleddogs. They need good training, nutrition and care to be able to make it. 

When trekking, the dogs need same things as humans: lot of water in the morning, snacks on the pauses, strong food in the evening. A warm place to sleep is ideal for their muscles and recovery. But often, after many hours of trekking,  they have to sleep outside in the snow. That is when good jackets or rugs are really needed. 

We have noticed, that different layers of jackets work best also for dogs. Here is what we use: 
SHOWMASTER dog coats

1. First one is a sport jacket, size S. It can be used also on top of the harness on very cold or windy days. Very easy to put on and off and very light to carry. Excellent reflective part. Alright in the night, but not very warm.

2. Teddy-jacket, size XL. Very good for the night. The bigger, the better. We have added self-made pockets for back legs; with them almost like sleeping-bag for a dog. Only female dogs can use the belly-part. Outside material is waterproof, but teddy inside is hard to dry, if it gets wet.

SELF MADE dog coats

3. Black jacket, size M, is a hi-tech one. Stretching windstopp material, Zipper in the neck. Loose pockets for back legs to allow movement. Can be used on the move and in the night, works as first or second layer. Breathable and warm. Easy to carry and dry. Made and invented by my husband Markku. 

4.Very simple fleece undercoat.  Can be used as a first layer under any jacket. Good for cold nights. Easy to make, only one seam. Cheap when made from baby blankets, so it is not a big problem if the dog bites it. 

Piitu showing the simple cut in the self-made fleece coat.

Piitu wearing an undercoat and a sport jacket. 

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