22 February 2015

Slush Daytrip

Sometimes it is nice to go out on a bad weather. Like today. We spend all morning wondering, if we should go at all. Maybe not, because as always, at least one member of the family is feeling tired, having a bit of a flue, there is something else that needs to be done and the weather is not nice at all. But then, after midday, I realized, once more, that none of these feelings are not getting any better by sitting in the sofa.

"Let's meet in that place we made fire '' I said and went to harness my dog team. My husband said he'd take the skis, and the boys said they will come later by snow scooter.

The weather was really grey. The sky was full of something between snow and rain - wet snow we call slush. It was a good day to test trousers and jackets and shoes.


Thinking about the trip to Sweden, I ended up buying new Marmot trousers for younger boy, and they just arrived this week. I also ran in to a super cheap offer of a Blåkäder -strech-jacket that my older boy wanted for himself, and I was curious to see if that will keep him warm and dry. I worked really well today, which was a  nice surprise for me.

When we all had gathered, we made a fire and grilled some sausages. Sitting there, in the middle of nowhere, the best thing for me is not to look at the time. In everyday life it often seems we have to fill every minute of every hour with necessary things and it is a huge relief to get out of it. Time in the nature is so different from the time in clocks and calendars. It is more about present and less about next week. And at the same time it is more about ancient than instant things.

If you want see more of today's trip, here is  a little film:
Slush Daytrip

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