15 March 2015

Cabin with Ghost

On saturday I arranged a ski-trek trip for me and Markku. We skied in Syöte National Park  to a wilderness cabin and spent a night there.

We arrived to Syöte Nature Center at noon. I bought a map of ski tracks. It costed one euro. I told the ladies on the desk, that we are going to spend the night in Toraslampi.
- There is a ghost there, they said.
- Great! Said my husband and I agreed. What a nice little unexpected twist to add some spice to the trip!
Perfect Tracks

The tracks in Syöte are excellent and there is lot of them. For us, who mostly move in the forest with no tracks at all, it felt like something new and special to be able to travel so easy. And it gets even better: On most of the Syöte tracks you are allowed to ski with dogs.
Ahmatupa Ski Cafe in the middle of the forest

We skied about 8 km to Ahmatupa. There is a small cafe there, in the middle of the forest.  We had a snack and talked to other people, who were also having a break. There were many people there. It was really busy day, because the weather was maybe the best this winter.

After a cup of coffee we continued six more kilometers to Toraslampi. We could see we are coming now to the more remote part of park, because we met less and less people. We reached Toraslampi at about four. There was no-one else going to spend the night there, so it looked we were going to have the cabin for ourselves.

Perfect weather and peace

We just sat there, enjoying the sun and relaxing. There was no rush and plenty of time to cook and mind the dogs and look around before sunset. Markku even looked from internet more information about the ghost. It seemed many odd things had happened at this cabin, but the original ghost from the 19th century was supposed to be a woman, whose husband had killed her by this pond.

Sunset at six o'clock
After a very good meal and conversation we were ready to go to bed. I took the dogs in and we went inside our sleeping bags. I was tired, but it was difficult to  fall a sleep. I am not afraid of ghosts, but sub-consciously I was listening all the time for any sign of anything strange. I knew my husband was doing the same - I could hear from the way he was breathing, that he too was not sleeping.

Nighttime at the ghost-cabin

Mora and Miilu
In the middle of the night I woke up to a dream. In the dream there was a mystery light behind the window. In the real life the window was as dark as the night. I tried to sleep on. After a while I heard a sound like somebody was trying to open the door. I thought I was dreaming again, but then I heard the dogs growling and my husband whispering: Be quiet. After that I heard nothing. I finaly slept.

In the morning Markku asked me, if I had heard it too. Yes. We both heard it. It was like someone tried to open the door. No footsteps, nothing like that. Just the door. And there was no wind at all. Markku said he had looked at the dogs when they growled. and Mora had been backing away from the door. But it is normal for Mora to be afraid of everything, even of birds, so you can not really make any conclusions based on his behavior. 

Cabin Fireplace

But now it was sunny morning, and an other wonderful day ahead of us, so we laughed at it all. We made breakfast, packed all our stuff, wrote our story to the cabin guest book, and tidied the cabin.We always make good firewood for the next visitors and put it ready near the fireplace. That is an old habit that can some day save somebody's life - Or at least make the next person feel welcome.

Markku and Miilu 
Mora and Me going
To ski back to Nature Center we changed dogs. Markku took Miilu to pull him and pulka and I got Mora. It was so easy to ski with him! He is so nice and well behaved. I noticed I have not been strict enought with Miilu and I said to Markku: Please teach Miilu the same things you have taught Mora. 

 The cold starry night had made the snow cover hard enough for skis and dogs. We could ski anywhere, also off the tracks. We chose our own ways back to Syöte through forests and swamps. All this freedom with warm sunshine... Amazing grace.

Järjestin lauantaina minulle ja Markulle yön yli retken. Hiihdimme Syötteeltä yöksi Toraslammen autiotuvalle. Syötteellä on ihan mielettömän hieno latuverkosto, ja useimmilla laduilla saa hiihtää koiran kanssa. Tuntuu hassulta, että hyödynsimme sitä nyt ensimmäisen kerran. Mutta ei varmaan viimeisen.

Saimme Luontotalolta latukartan ja tiedon, että Toraslammella kummittelee. Ihan kiva. Joku siellä kävi yöllä kolistelemassa ovea niin, että koiria pelotti. Ketään ei kuitenkaan sisälle asti tullut...

Kummitusreissun kruunasi talven paras sää. Yöllä oli sen verran kova pakkanen, että sunnuntaina palatessa pystyi hiihtämään missä vain, ja niinpä me mentiinkin takaisin kohti Syötettä ihan omia reittejämme. Kotiin palattiin su klo 12, tasan vuorokausi lähdön jälkeen. Näin täydellisen reissun jälkeen tuntuu ihan niin kuin olisi ollut pidemmälläkin lomalla. 

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