08 March 2015

Taival Sprint

There was a sledog race in our village this weekend. Taival Sprint was now organised for the first time. Of course I had to go and see the race and some of the best sprint teams in Finland. 

Skijöring in Taival Sprint

There was also a hobby class in skijöring - skiing with the dog. Me and Markku participated, just to try the sport. We have skied a lot with our dogs in the forest. I'm sure you believe me, when I tell you, it is very different to ski in a competition! The track, the skis, the shoes, and all the real athletes made me fell shy. But there was some friends watching the competition and they encouraged me.

On Saturday I skied with Miilu. 5,5 km took us 22 minutes. That is almost ten minutes slower than the best skiers. They really go fast! When they passed me on the track, it was like a car passing a pedestrian. Their big and strong dobermans and german pointers are trained so well just for this. It is impressive to see how calmly they wait at the start knowing exactly when to go. And how they bark in joy, when they go off! 

Still, I was happy about my go. 15 km/h is good speed for me and Miilu, who did what I expected: pulled all the up and downhills same speed, half trot, half gallop. The same way she would do all day on a trekking trip. I was also proud about myself, because I could manage the downhills without falling down. 

Me and Piitu in Taival Sprint

On Sunday the weather was worse. I knew it would be more difficult, also because Markku could not come because of his work. But I went and skied with Piitu. I'd say my motivation was something like this: ''If I can start and finish, I have won.'' I don't train to race, I race to train me and my dog. 

Piitu was better and worse than Miilu. When she pulled, she was great. She galloped really fast, like real sprint dogs. But she didn't work all the time. After turning point she started to play in the snow and around me. It took me many minutes to make her run again. And all these minutes I slowly climbed uphill and fixed the pulling rope again and again...She was like a puppy, lost her focus. I hoped maybe she gets the idea again, when we can go faster downhill, and so she did. In the end we got to finish line together. My time with Piitu was five minutes slower than my time with Miilu.  
Six dog class in Taival Sprint

The rest of the Sunday was really happy for me. I enjoyed watching the race and talking to people. I don't know why I was in such a good mood - maybe because I had done my share :)

Here is films I made from both days. Hope you enjoy the sport!
Taival Sprint 8.3.2015

Tänä viikonloppuna täällä Taivalkoskella pidettiin koirahiihto- ja valjakkokisat. Kävin katsomassa ja osallistuin harrastajaluokkaan. Oli tosi kiva kokeilla koirahiihtoa upeilla kisaurilla, vaikka vähän kyllä hävetti kun urheilijat suhahtelivat meikäläisestä ohi niin kuin autot jalankulkijasta...
 Mutta kokemusta ja uskallusta sain lisää, ja siitä hyvä mielen, että selvisin kumpanakin päivänä maaliin. Vaikka toisena päivänä hiihdin Piitun kanssa, ja se meinasi pistää koko homman puolimatkassa leikiksi.

Oli kyllä upeata nähdä miten osaavia ja upeita nuo treenatut sprintterit ovat. Sekä koirat että ihmiset. Kiitos kisajärjestäjille valtavan hienosta tapahtumasta!

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