06 April 2015

Many reasons why

We are coming back from Sweden now. We had a good trip. We skied on five days. I will write and tell more about each day soon.

Right now I want to tell you about a conversation we had last night. We were confortably sitting in the lounge in Keb knowing that in the morning we only have a couple of hours to ski back to our car, when our older son asked: Why do you do this? What is your motivation to come here and trek?

I thanked him for a very good question.

My husband said it means a lot to spend some days away from every day life. When you are trekking, everything is simple. There is no other tasks than to go.  And that something happens to you, when you spend many days like that.

I agreed: it's like re-booting yourself. This is something our older boy can understand after skiing four days: it is possible to feel empty or clean or new after spending some time in the wilderness. But he wished there would be more speed and adrenaline to it. You will find your own ways, I said to him.

For me it is a big part of the sport that I can trek with my dogs. They help me to cover wider areas. Taking care of them and trusting them adds some extra value to my trip.

And so do the mountains. Trekking would not be the same without them. I travel in the valley but my eyes look up.

The mountains, said our younger boy, they give him all kinds of feelings.
- No mather how long I look at them, I still can't  understand how big they are, he said.

For him the mountains are the main reason he wanted to come here. He hoped they would give him inspiration for his creative hobbies.
I'm proud to have sons like this. The younger son will write beautiful music or stories about the mountains. The older son has the kind of peace around him I would travel to moon with him.


Kotimatkalla ollaan! Takana hiihtoa viitenä päivänä.

Meillä oli eilen illalla hyvä keskustelu Kebnen hotellin aulassa. Pojat pohtivat syitä siihen, miksi lähteä tällaiselle vaellukselle.

Olen tosi ylpeä molemmista. Vaikka he nyt sanoisivat mitä, minulla on tunne, että jonakin päivänä he vielä tulevat takaisin tänne.

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