02 April 2015

On the Way

I'm writing this in the car. We have just started driving to Sweden. In the evening, I hope, we will be in the Kebnekaise Mountain Station. It will be a long day.

Yesterday evening I would have not believed this is possible. I came home from work and we started packing sandwiches. And then I felt really strange. All my muscles hurt and I was freezing. Fever! No way! Not now!

I took the thermometer and in next two hours it proved the worst case scenario right: I had fever. The rest of the evening I had to stay in the sofa, drink and rest and cry. What if we cant go? Everyone has been waiting for this trip so much.

My husband and sons made a decision to finish all the packing as if we would start in the morning. "Miracles happen" they said. It seems they were right.

Late in the evening the fever went away. And it hasn't come back. Ofcourse I have to take it easy today. I have a thermometer and I check my temperature every two hours. All the others seem to be allright. I hope and pray it'll stay like this.


Kirjoitan tätä autossa. Ajamme kohti Ruotsia.

En olisi eilen illalla uskonut että pääsemme matkaan. Minulle nousi kuume. Nyt se on poissa. Toivon vain, että se pysyykin poissa, myös muista perheenjäsenistä.

Yritämme päästä Nikkaluoktaan, mutta emme tietenkään lähde sieltä hiihtämään, jos kenelläkään on yhtään lämpöä.

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