29 June 2015

Finding peace of mind

Apple tree - first time blooming

I'm having a summer holiday at home. I don't have to go anywhere. I can sleep late in the morning, have a lazy cup of coffee and go out to garden when I'm ready. To me, this kind of relaxing is both new and welcome.
Rainy days -pretty colours

Last winter I got really stressed and tired at work. It went so far me and my family were really worried about my health. It started a huge process in me. Recovering was, and still is, very slow, but I can see it will lead to something good. I have learned to listen to myself. Instead of pushing to the limit I can see much more value in presence. Just being here is enough.
Watching my three chicken in the garden - a good days work 

I have decided to leave my job as headmaster, which I have done for four years, and go back to teaching first grade children. I feel really happy about that. It is amazing, what kind of energy it released in me, when I admitted to myself this job doesn't suit me - even if everyone else says I'm really good at it. I'm waiting for the autumn and planning all the nice things I want to do with my own class. For the first time in years I feel I can use my creative skills again.

Summer holiday - also for my horse and dogs

It has been a long jurney for a hard-working person like me. But now I understand that by demanding a lot from my self I don't help other people, like I used to think. High demands for my self mean high demands also for those around me. Instead of that I would like to have more acceptance and peace of mind in my life in the future.

Peace - an evening by a nearby lake

House martin's nests-
they are everywhere  

Violets from last year -
they seem to have made it trough the winter 
Rowan (mountain ash) used to be the holy tree -
nice to have them around the house

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