23 August 2015

Syöte National Park

I spent one day in August walking in Syöte with my husband. It was a sunny and warm day. We met only a few people and a family of swans.

Iso-Syöte seen from the top of Pikku-Syöte

Syöte is said to be the most southern Lappish hill (tunturi) in Finland. On the top there is a hotel, but all around the hills there spreds a wide National Park with 120 km of tracks and many cabins situated in untouched forest and swamps.


We started the day on the scenery road overlooking Ahvenlampi-pond. Then we walked from Portinoja to a very pretty pond in the middle of forest. There was a family of swans living there: a white couple and their five grey children. 

Mother and father Swan

When we arrived to the pond, the mother and father swan soon made a decision to fly away. Their babies ran and hided in the forest. When they stopped, they were easy to approach. They seemed to trust their camouflage and think no-one can see them if they close their eyes :)
Grey youngsters hiding in the forest

We left them in peace and walked back to Portinoja hut to grill some sausage. There we met some young people who had come from near Oulu to pick blue berries in Syöte. 

After lunch we still had an other target in mind. On the mape we had seen a hill with no name and many cliffs. We wanted to see it more closely. It was worth walking there. The forest was old but easy to hike. All the trees had moss. 

Moss on the trees 

It seemed not many people had visited this place.There was a feeling of magic. Almost like you would be more likely to see a  glance of a troll than an man walking here. 

Magical forest

From the top of the hill we could see as far as Taivalkoski, where we would drive back in the evening. This day made me remember why I like hiking and walking in the forests. It gives so much more than it takes. 
Scenery from the top of the hill


Vietimme elokuisen päivän kävelemällä Syötteen ympäristössä. Vaikka sää oli upean aurinkoinen, tapasimme enemmän joutsenia kuin ihmisiä. Huipuilta avautuvat maisemat ja ikimetsät naavapuineen saivat minun muistamaan, miksi pidän niin paljon luonnossa vaeltamisesta. Se on niin palkitsevaa; samalla kun keho nauttii liikkumisen tuomasta terveydestä, mieli lepää luonnon kauneuden ja ajattomuuden äärellä ja asiat asettuvat oikeaan mittakaavaan. 

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