11 March 2016

Remote cabin by dogteam


On monday me and my friend decided to visit a remote cabin called Liiveri.
We thought there might be a track there from the nearest road, but we were wrong.

8 km in the snow

Any normal person would have turned back after 400 meters, where the snow-scooter track ended. We had go all the way in then snow. It was eight kilometers. Quite a lot for a six-dog-team carrying two persons, but after two hours of pushing and pulling and walking, we got the the cabin.

GPS-direction to the team

Neither me or my friend had visited this cabin before. It was hard to find, because it was in the middle of a very thick forest.

Inside it was small, but quite nice with a good fireplace. We made lunch and had a rest.

On the way we saw A MOOSE

Jurney back was a little bit easier, because there was our own track to follow. My dogs never stopped working. I must have done something right training and feeding them this winter!

I might come back to this cabin in autumn. There are great places for picking berries and mushrooms in those forests.

More information about this cabin (in Finnish): Liiveri

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