07 April 2016

When you have to cancel


This winter I made plans to ski in Norway with my husband.

I planned the route. We would start from Kilpisjärvi and stay the first night in Goldahytta. Second day would be a short one to Gappohytta with an evening trip to Mountain Barras. Then, depending on the weather, we would go either to Isdalen and Rostahytta or to Pältsa, and finaly back to Kilpisjärvi.
Golda - Gappo - Rosta - Pältsa

It sounded like a wonderful five or six day tour with Miilu and Mora and skis and pulkas. I joined The Norwegian Trekking Association and ordered their key to the cabins. We both took a week of work in the beginning of March. But something didn't feel right. 

I said to my husband I want to go but I just can't see us there. I said hopefully nothing happens to stop us from going. He agreed and thought maybe I worry about our parents. Their health is not the best and there is always a possibility we need to go and see them on our holiday.

But it was not them. A few days before the trip my husband hurt his arm badly at work. He was not allowed to lift anything at least for a week. It was obvious our trip had to be cancelled.

For a second I thought of the possibility of going with someone else, but then I started to see something good in this: Suddenly I had a lot of time in my hands. We would spend the week at home with our boys. A year or two from now they will not be living with us anymore. We should enjoy and appreciate family-time while it is still here.

We can't afford to take an other week off this spring. I'll have to live with the fact this winter I won't see the mountains. Time will show how badly I will miss them. Situation is a little bit different for my husband: He did an eight-day skiing trip in Lapland with my brother in February. I guess I could arrange something for summer time, but it isn't the same. 

Having said that, here is the main thing: My husband's arm is healing very well. It means we will be able to go trekking also in future.

After all we have already done many amazing trips to Scandinavian Mountains - I know many people who would be more than happy to say the same. In that perspective canceling one skiing-trip is a minor setback. At least the next one will be well-planned, if it happens a year later than intended :)

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