06 July 2016

Biking around Ruka

One day in June we did a biking trip in Kuusamo. We packed our bikes and our camping car and drove near Ruka.

In Ruka area there are many high hills. On Valtavaara and Kontainen we have hiked a couple of times earlier, but this time I wanted to to something new. I have recently bought myself a mountainbike to replace my horse.  Since May I have done a little bit of driving near home. Now I wanted to try biking on the paths of these hills, and so we ended up pushing our bikes up Pyhävaara.

We chose a forest path. With the bags it was quite heavy. The sun was shining and the mosqitos were enjoying our sweting bodies. I really wished the wind would blow them away. But when the top of the Pyhävaara hill opened in front of me, I knew it was worth it. There was nobody there. The weather was so clear we could see far in every direction.

My husband cooked chicken, sweet botato and rice. Because it was our wedding day, we had some dessert and a tiny little glass of wine, too. It felt like an evening on the roof of the world.
After the meal and rest it was time to go down. The top of the hill was too difficult for me to drive. It was steep and there were a lot of stones. Walking with my bike a thought cross my mind would it have been more clever to leave the bikes down. But in the forest path I got the hang of it. I realized I have this skill from riding cross-country on horse: I can stand on the pedals and stay in balance. I started to have fun going round the stones and roots. On the foot of the hill I was going almost as fast as my husband.

It made me very happy and felt like a beginning of a new time. Losing my horse has been sad, but now it is possible for us to stay away from home more easily and travel with our camper - and our bikes.
I june it doesn't really get dark here in the North. At about nine we decided to go on biking and see the Ruka willage.

It was very quiet, almost spooky when we got there at ten. In this empty town there was one bar open, Zone. It allway is. We had a drink and started driving back to our camper, which we had left by a lake on the other side of Pyhävaara.

It had been quite a day and I really felt it in my legs. It was late when we reached the car. We had a swim in the lake and slept very well in the camper, even if we had to negotiate the bikes under the bed, because we had forgotten to take any lock or chain so we did not want to leave them outside.

In the morning we got an idea to visit some friends, who have their summer cottage on that area. We biked there. They invited us to have coffee on their balcony. Then it was only a short ride back to car, last swim in lake Pyhäjärvi and then home.

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