24 August 2016

Mountain biking in Syöte


If you want to bike in National Park, hiking areas and old forests, Syöte is the right place for you. There are three mountain bike routes and four biking routes in the area. The mountain bike routes are marked paths in the forests and hills, varying from easy to difficult.

Marked routes

In August I did a trip to the easiest one of them with my family. The route is called Syötteen Kierros and it is 17 km long. The route starts from the Visitor Centrer and goes first a few hundred meters on walking road. Then it turns to the forest and soon you have the first of many duckboards ahead of you. For me it was scary to drive on them, but I soon got the hang of it. 
Scenery to Syöte

After that you cross the road, which goes up to the top of the hill Iso Syöte, and dive in to a very old forest of evergreen trees. The path is very good, and it is a pleasure to bike on it, wriggling among the trees. 


After a swamp with more duckboards the route starts to climb up to Pytkynharju, which is the main sight on this route. It is a high an narrow hill surrounded by ponds. Going up and down the horseback hill surely makes your sweat, but the scenery is worth it. On the top of  hill there is an ancient shaman tree, a big pine witch must be hundreds of years old.

Old pine

There are ponds on both sides of the hill and there are two lean-on-shelters, where you can stop to make fire if you want. This time we only stopped to admire the view and then went on, but I think I will come and stay a night there sooner or later.


Route done, time to pack

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