08 April 2017

My kind of date 2 x 50 km

Portinloman kalliorotko oli hienoin nähtävyys pitkällä retkelläni.

Last weekend I met my husband in a wilderness cabin 50 km from home.

My husband started his trip on Thursday. He skied with his dog four days and 150 km. He made a round trip. His route was Raappana-Taivalkoski-Harjajärvi-Kylmäluoma-Turpeinen-Tyräjärvi-Lehtovaara-Kurtti-Raappana.

I started my trip on Saturday. I drove my dogteam 100 km. My route was Raappana-Kurtti-Metsäkylä-Portinloma-Lehtovaara and back. I went on dog trails, snowmobile trails, old railroad, lakes and swamps. All the routes were really quiet and lonely. 

Lauantaina taivalsin valjakollani 50 km sumuisessa säässä.

On saturday the weather was not nice. It was raining and snowing and grey. On Sunday the weather was wonderfull: a little frost and a lot of sunshine. 

On Saturday I met my husband in Lehtovaara cabin. We have never been there before. If something is in the middle of nowhere, this cabin is. The nearest houses in  Metsäkylä are 20 km from this cabin. There is a wood heated stove, a bed and nothing else. You can find water from a spring nearby.
Tapasin mieheni Lehtovaaran kämpällä keskellä erämaata.

It took me 5 hours, including one hour lunch break, to reach the cabin. It was nice to see my husband was already there, cleaning the cabin. My first job was to give the dogs a drink, then take their harness and boots of, put on their coats and stake out.
Miilu ja Piitu nauttivat hemmottelusta niin kuin minäkin.

To my big surprise there was a bottle of sparkling wine waiting for me in the cabin. Can you believe he had carried it on skis for more than a hundred kilometres? I thought that was romantic. 

After a great meal we slept very well. And so did Miilu and Piitu. We took my lead dogs inside. They both like warm beds and human companion as well as each others.

Sunnuntaiaamuna kävimme hakemassa vettä läheisestä hetteestä.

On Sunday morning Markku started first. It took me some time to put on booties to all the dogs, but when I was ready, it was a flying start. The sun was shining and the conditions were far better than the day before.
Vaikka kuljimme eri reittejä, tapasimme silti lounastauolla Kurtissa.

After 2 hours I stopped my team in the old railway and waited for my husband. He came soon with Mora straight across a lake. We had lunch together and then went on our separate ways. All the way home I enjoyed sunshine and my dogs handling the long way so well.
Auringonpaiste ja hiljaisuus saattelivat sunnuntaina kulkijoita.

This trip taught me some new things:
- the importance of good booties for dogs
- great idea to travel separately at own speed and only meet for overnight gives new possibilities
- long journeys with dog team are relaxing in a meditative way
- with safety vests and reflectors driving on a snowmobile trail went very well

Tyytyväisenä kotona - koirat selvisivät hienosti 100 km:n reissusta. 

Video 2x50 km trip

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