05 January 2018

Polar night skiing trip

Joulukuisen hiihtoretken tunnelmia. 

What would be better than to ski in December? The forest is silent, covered in snow. It is never dark. Everything is blue, only the hue changes from morning to day and from evening to night.

I did a skiing trip to a cabin with my husband and our dogs. We started from home, putting our skies on in the front of the house. Both Miilu and Mora were running around us and wagging their tails. They have done this so many times and pulled us with skies on all our major treks. Now they will soon be eight years old. I feel so lucky we got puppies from Miilu last summer.
Ensin soiden halki. 

Anyway, now we have our backpacks on, connect the dogs to the belt and go. No pulkka or ahkio this time - for only one night at a cabin we can pack very light.

First we follow our dog trails through the swamps. It feels so good to be on the move, to ski after a week at work. The short daylight is almost gone, but we don't put on our headlights. It is better to let your eyes adjust, because then you can see the nature around you. I love all the snow. This year there is much more of it than normally in December. The trees look like gnomes or goblins. I feel like saying ''Good evening'' to them.
Sitten mäntymetsään.

After the swamps we find an old snow scooter track we can follow through the pine forest and then to the cabin. It is a ten kilometer ski all together. My dog Miilu is eager to move fast. She whines when I stop to take pictures or to say something to my husband, who skies behind me with Mora.

Other than that, there are no sound, no wind, no life, nothing. Everything is sleeping safe under the snow. If this doesn't make you feel calm, I don't know what does. For me it is like walking at the same time bot inside and outside my mind - the more dark it is, the more the borders between those two realities disappear.

Ja 10 km:n hiihdon jälkeen yöksi mökille. 

The dark blue of the sky has blended in the blue of the ground, when we reach the cabin. It is time to put the headlight on and start making fire, dinner and sauna.

Watch a film from this trip

Saunomista ja kokkaamista parhaassa seurassa.

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