20 April 2013

A new member in the family

What do you do when you don't know your next destination?
- You take a new dog, offcourse!
And here she is:

She is just perfect, isn't she?
Only 8 months old, breeder Sari Ikonen.
To me it means great pedigree and speed,
and like her dogs also this one loves people
- and is ready to run.

So, now I have something nice to do this spring:
I have to harness and teach this young dog
in the kennel.
Luckyly for me, spring is very late.
So there is still some snow left for her first sleigh rides.
The dog of my dreams

She is such a darling -
I promise I try not to spoil her too much!

03 April 2013


You know the feeling:
The trip is done, goal achieved.
You go through the pictures,
Remember the places,
Miss the feelings.
- then slowly put it behind you, and ask yourself the question:
What next?

I know many places I would like to go.
I ask my son's and husband's opinion.
What would they like to do?
The boys would like to go next time by bikes.
Maybe fishing?
How about summit?
There are many ideas.
But you have to think about the price and resources.
How big effort can you make for the next trip?
It depends when it is -
And that depends with whom you go.

At the moment I can not name the next time our family can go trekking.
(My husband's holiday is in June and at the same time my son goes to confirmation school.)

But do I always have to have a big target ahead?
I know the nature nearby can sometimes hide real adventures.
I know real experience comes with open mind.
I know we can always do small day trips
- even in June.
Then why do I feel  I can't live on them alone?