27 February 2013

Weather Forecast

There's only two  days left.
We are almost packed, thanks to my husband -
I have had long hours at work.

Here is a film about the final rehearsal -trip.


Since that we have decided not to take the husky-tent,
because the dogs did not use it when the wind was blowing hard.
Instead we have made two layers of coats for them:
One is breathable and windproof so that it can be used when trekking.
The other is very warm, almost like a dog-sleeping-bag.
I'm sure they will be Ok, if we make shelter for them from snow.

Tomorrow my parents come and the day after that we leave.
The weather will be quite cold,
but I really hope the sky would be clear at least for one day
So that we could see the mountains.

Weather forecast for Nikkaluokta:

23 February 2013

Final Rehearsal

Only one week to go.
It's time for final rehearsal.

Yesterday, when I came from work, my husband had already packed most of the things.
Pulkas packed

At about five o'clock we started skiing from our home.
Markku and Mora go first, I follow with Miilu

It was only -10 when we started, but the weather was getting colder and colder
- Just like we wished, to make it as real as possible.
It was almost full moon. It felt very good to ski.
We were going to spend the night on the top of a hill ten kilometers from us.
The small white place in the middle is the hill we are going to. 

We reached the hill after about one and half hours of skiing.
It was dark when we put up the tent. 

At this point it was almost -20 degrees.
We hurried to put up the dog tent and warm jackets for the dogs.
First we fed the dogs...

And then  ourselves. 

It was not cold in the tent.
I had two sleepingbags and they really kept me warm.
Still I had problems sleeping.
It well take me some more time to get used to it.

Drying the tent in the morning worked well. 
At four o'clock in the in the morning the wind started blowing very hard. 
We were happy to see the new skirts on the tent gave us complete cover. 
Our camp in the morning. 

Packing the tent ropes tight in heavy wind.

I realised how important it is that everything is packed properly.
This is what happens if you don't pack right. 
On the way home I wanted to walk the first downhill.

After this last rehearsal I would say,
that I can now stop worrying about my physical condition
and concentrate on getting mentally ready.

I tend to think it's not my mind that will be the problem,
but maybe I should not take it so guaranteed.
It does take some effort to stay in the good mood on a trip like this.
When it's really cold and windy, you have to do everything with mittens on:
put on the skis, harness the dogs, put on your harness, find the locks.
It takes time but it doesn't help if you try to hurry.

Living in the tent nothing also requires skills.
Putting on the clothes, waiting for the snow to melt, not losing any items,
packing and unpacking cleverly, going to toilet which doesn't exist, and so on...

Happy, checked and ready!

19 February 2013


This is the list of all equipment we are going to take with us.
I'm sorry it is in Finnish, but I hope google translator can help.
Next thing we are going to do is to weigh everything.
I will add the weights when it's done.

Koirien ruoka ja snäksit

Koirien kupit

Koirien takit


Omiin pusseihinsa

Koirien teltta 

Lumilapiot, iso


Pulkkapussi total 



Telttakaaret ja kiilat

Makuualustat 2 kpl


Telttapussi total 


Polttoaine 3  l


Astiat:kuksat, lusikat


Keittiöpussi total

Päivän ruokapakkaus x 5: puuro, marjasoppa,  lounaskeitto, leipä, ilta-ateria

Kahvi ja lisukkeet: kahvi, tee, ruokosokeria, maitojauhetta, soijaa, näkkäriä/keksiä

Snäksit: pähkinöitä, rusinoita, suklaata

Luksus; jälkiruoka, suklaa ? 


Ruokapussi total

Makuupussit, 2 untuva- ja 2 päällyspussia

Telttavaatteet: paksu fleecepuku, vaihtohatut, sukat ja lapaset, huopavuoret


Vaatepussi total


Koiran EA: tossut, voide, pulveri, lääkkeet


Korjauspussi total

Maken pulkka

Anun pulkka

Termospullollinen kuumaa vettä
Maken reppuun

Maken reppuun

Maken reppuun

Maken reppuun

Pieni lapio
Maken repun päälle

 Ihmisten EA: lääkkeet, sidetarpeet , puhdistuspyyhkeet, lämmityspatruunat
Maken reppuun

Kartta, kompassi, lamppu
Maken reppuun

Puhelin, rahat, kamera, noppapeli
Maken reppuun

Maken reppu total

Termospullollinen kuumaa vettä
Anu reppuun

Anun reppuun

Päivän snäksit
Anun reppuun

Hygienia: hammasharjat, tahna, kampa , pl, silmä- ja aurinkolasit, huulirasva, pyyhe
Anun reppuun

Kamera, akut, paristot, lamppu
Anun reppuun

Linkkari, tulitikut, rahat, puhelin
Anun reppuun

Anun reppu total

18 February 2013


I'm happy to see that many people read my blog.

I don't know how long it usually takes to find readers,
but I did not expect it to happen so soon.
Now my blog has been opened:
187 times in Finland
37 times in USA
11 times in Germany
and some times in France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary and Georgia.

Thank you all, you have made me happy!
Thank you for reading my blog!
I have many ideas about this blog in future.
But it would be very interesting for me
 to hear your comments
and improve this blog together with you.

What do you think about this blog?
What would you like to read about?
What would be the most interesting thing for you?

17 February 2013


 I am grateful.

We  want  to thank many people who make trips like this possible.
Without help from friends, family and our marvellous sons,
it would not have been possible to train and get ready
- and for both of us to have a holiday at the same time.

Me and my husband have also been lucky because we both have permanent jobs so that little by little, year by year, we have been able to provide proper equipment even for trekking in wintertime.

It is not too often that a husband and wife want to do things like this together.
It makes me happy that we both want to go outdoors
and that we have a good time when doing so.

Maybe that is the ultimate reason for going.
What would be a better way to built a relationship
than to struggle together in an unbelievable environment?
Halti 2011

16 February 2013

Dog Aid

Today I'm going to pack a first aid kit for dogs.
During the skiing trip they work as hard as us - or harder.
The main thing is to feed the dog properly in the morning and in the evening
so that he or she gets energy enough for long days.
As important as the food is to keep the dog warm,
especially during the night, so that it can sleep and relax and recover.
For that we have jackets and the husky tent.

It addition it is good to be able to help them, if something happens.
Here is what I'm going to pack for them and why.
For the paws, in case icy trails make them hurt:
Boots, salve, duct tape

Sometimes the dogs, like human, can get problems with skin when trekking long days.
The skin can get irritated for example under their armpits.
Then an antibiotic powder helps a lot.
It is also possible, especially if the weather is very cold,
that they can have an upset stomach.
In that case it is good to have some medicine for scour.
Antibiotic powder and milk acid bacteria.

The most likely thing to happen when trekking  is simple:
Like you your dog can also get tired - even so, that his or her muscles hurt.
In that case I would like to have some painkillers with me.
But in Finland you can not just buy those in pharmacy,
you need to take the sick dog to the vet and get a prescription.
But at least I take an extra harness with open back -
It might be useful, because it gives the dog a change of working position.

Open harness


14 February 2013

Vind bag

Only 15 days left.
Then we start to ski towards Kebne.

Today we ordered the last missing piece of equipment: A cover from hard wind.
After searching we decided Fjällräven Vindsäck is the best for us.


Can't wait to test it!

13 February 2013


Our tent is better that ever.
We put some extra material on the lower sides.
The whole tent stands better after this.
The skirts can now be covered with snow.

Also my own pulka is ready now.
My husband made the poles. 

With some new holes the elastic rope fits perfectly.

12 February 2013


No skiing today, just work.
I will have to find a way to cope with busy life again...
But it's not just that.
I am worried because my husband has a toothache.
He already went to dentist, who took away the tooth - but left the pain!
I just hope he will be allright when it is time to go.
That is only 17 days from now!

I also worry about  my mother and father.
They are going to come and stay here when I go skiing with my husband.
But they are very old, and yesterday on the phone their health did not sound too good, either.
And it is a long journey - we live 450 km away from them.
I must start thinking who else we could ask if my parent's can't come.
Any volunteers?

11 February 2013


Today was the last day of my freedom.
Tomorrow I go back to work.
Last two weeks I have spend luxury time doing nothing but training and getting better.
I am glad my shoulder is so good now.
I can move my arm up and down and around.
Ofcourse it will take some more exercise to get it 100 % working but it's getting there.

I am also happy that during my two weeks off we got to the point where we have almost all of the equipment we need for trekking with pulkas. That means I will have some time to get used to the loading, moving and stopping with all the gear.

Today the doctor said to me I can start strenght training.
So, now there's nothing keeping me away from the skiing-tracks!
To celebrate my last day off I had a chance to ski in sunshine.
To share the wonderful feeling with you, here is a short video:

10 February 2013


My husband has been teaching me how to cook in the tent.
You have to really careful.
First of all you make  room for kitchen so that all the other stuff
like clothes are on the other side of the tent.
We have a Trangia Multifuel Cooker. 

The cooker must be placed on metal plate
or similar non-flammable underlay.

We use lamp oil as fuel. It is cheap and effective.
When trekking in summer we only need 1 dl per person per day,
but in winter it can easily be two or three times more.
For five days of winter trekking we will need something like three litres of lamp oil.
Most of it goes to making water by melting snow - also for dogs.
Snow melts easier if you add a little water to it. 

If you don't put the kettle on, the cooker works as heater.