14 December 2013

How to take family to wilderness cabin

How is it possible to take whole family to wilderness cabin for overnight? There is a lot to do, especially in winter-time and when trekking with dogs. This is how we do it:

STEP ONE: Make the decision. There is always (at least) one member of the family, who doesn't want to go. Use your skills to persuade them it'll be worth it and set the date.

STEP TWO: A day or two before start, make sure every member of the family has three layers of clothes ready. Do the laundry. 

STEP THREE: A day before start check and pack everything the dogs will need: harness, food, chains, jackets, hay. 

STEP FOUR: Pack everything the humans will need (food, kitchen ware, sleeping bags, first aid and repair-kit) inside the sledges.

STEP FIVE: Pack the car and trailer and drive to the starting point of your trip. 

STEP SIX: Trust your husband navigating your way through the dark forest. 

STEP SEVEN: When you reach the cabin, first take care of the dogs. Put on their coats and make hay-beds for them. 

STEP EIGHT: Tidy the cabin, take all the stuff in, make fire, get some water from the river and make supper for people and the dogs. 

STEP NINE: Enjoy family-time with no TV or internet. 

STEP TEN: Wash yourself with snow. 

STEP ELEVEN: Let your mind find peace in the silence of the moon-lit forest and sleep well!

STEP TWELVE: In the morning, first make fire and put some water on the stove. After breakfast, pack everything and tidy the cabin. 

STEP THIRTEEN: Drive the dog team back following your own track and greeting short moments of daylight. 

STEP FOURTEEN: When you reach the car, start the engine and pack dogs and sledges to the trailer. 

STEP FIFTEEN: Drive home. 

STEP SIXTEEN: At home, unpack everything. 

STEP SEVENTEEN: Celebrate. Make nice dinner. Thank every member of the family. Tell them how happy you are you could make this trip with them. 


08 December 2013

Young husky winter training

Piitu is an one-year-old alaskan husky.
She lives with us in a kennel of eight huskies.
This is her winter training,
Yeaah! Snow!

In a team with sleigh. 

That was so easy. What do you want me to do next?

Try running in front of the team.
 First time, following an other team. 
Piitu in the lead, second time, following a free leading dog,
which can also be asked to come behind the team.
Piitu leading the team third time:
No helping dogs in front of her. 
Next step: Turn left and right.
She will learn it quickly running beside a good old leader,
who already knows the commands. .

Young husky autumn training

 Piitu is an one-year-o-ld alaskan husky.
She lives with us in a kennel of eight huskies.
This is her autumn training.
Running free
Running with a kick-bike
Running in a team.

Good girl!

Looks like my future sprint-racing team.