31 December 2014

The most beautiful day of the year

The last day of the year had a special treat for us living in the north: Sunshine. I think it was the most beautiful day of the year. I want to share it with you in pictures. Happy New Year everybody!

30 December 2014

The Luxury of starting from your own door

I'm having a Christmas break from work. I can go out when it is not dark, jihuu!
This is just what I need after long dark and busy months at work. Those couple of  hours on both sides of midday are priceless. Everything is snowy, soft and light blue. I feel very privileged because I can walk straight from my out door to this:
Back yard winter wonderland

It's not easy to make long trips this winter, because my horse is at home. I have to take care of her in the morning, day and night, If we want to stay overnight someplace, it means I have to ask somebody to come and feed the horse. Sometimes it's really difficult, because we live in the countryside where the distances are long. But I don't mind: Daytrips on a place like this are wonderful. Even if it just to the nearest kota:
A kota in our own forest

The most amazing thing is to be able to start driving a dog team from your own back yard - and to have a hundered kilometers of tracks where to go. Thank's to neighbours, large lands of Finnish Government, and especially to people in Finn Jann Huskyfarm.They kindly lets us to use their excellent tracks.
Here is film I made today, it is about me and my huskies: Happy Training

15 November 2014

Rainy days

The weather has been on and off: 
snow and rain, that melts it away. 
It takes a lot not to be depressed by the dark mornings and dark evenings - always leaving home in the dark and coming back in the dark. You need to eat a lot of vitamin D to stay focused!

I want to try and keep my dogs in good conditon and maybe even drive two sprint- races  next winter, because my husband bought me a little and light sleigh. Now I just wait for the snow, cause I want to try it!

In the meantime, here is a way to do some of the training with eight dogs:  

Most of the training I still do with my old ATW. It has no engine at all, but I find it so much easier than any carriage, because it stops and stands with brake. 
Normaly I drive two teams with four dogs. 

28 September 2014

Autumn colours

Last weekend I took a trip with some of my friends.
We rented a cottage called Kitka in Posio.
I rented the cottage from Villi Pohjola, which is an easy way to find accommodation near nature.
This cottage has no electricity, but there is a gas stove and an oven that can be heated by firewood.
Cabin Kitka

Cabin Kitka stands alone by a lake called Kitka.
It is a very big lake, famous for it's fish.
Lake Kitka


But me and my friends were not going ro fish-
we just wanted to make daytrips along the shores.
They are nice and sandy.
It would be wonderfull to be there on a hot summer day.
Sandy shores.

There are also very narrow capes, where you can walk and see the lake on both sides.

The main thing was to take photos of autumn coulours.
The sun was not shining, but it doesn't matter -
sometimes the coulours look better in cloudy or even rainy weather.
Or what do you think?

26 July 2014

Canoeing on river Ii

We made a daytrip on the river, jihuu!!

Allthough the river is near, it's been a couple of years since we last went canoeing.
(You know how it is: There are not so many free days, not even on the holiday.)

But now we made it,
the weather was very warm and the whole family was in en excellent mood.

Starting-point in Taivalkoski
We planned a route for one day and two cars. We rented two canoes from Husky Center Kolmiloukko. We packed lunch and snacks in one waterproof bag and raincoats and swimsuits to an other. In the morning, we started from home with two cars. One we left by the river near home and the other we drive 20 km up to the village, where we started canoeing.

Having fun

We decided our older son can manage steering the other canoe, so I can sit in the front. My husband can steer the other, with our younger son paddling in the front.

Easy going

From Taivalkoski Canoeing Center to Jurmu along river Ii it's a little more than 20 kim. With one long lunch- and swimming -break in the middle it took us six hours totally.

Lunchbreak in Virtasaari

River Ii is not difficult, the rapids are very small. But in july there is so little water, that you have to be carefull with the stones. Some places you can step out of the canoe and walk.
Shallow water

Some guite long parts of the river are very still. There it is good to have some fun ideas like learning your balancing skills - then it doesn't get so boring.

Father teaching son

Day was very positive. After fetching the other car and canoes, we were back home at about seven. Even with all that swimming it was not too hard for any of us. Canoeing with family is probably the best way to spend a hot summer day!

Every boat needs a captain

21 July 2014

An overnight biking trip

IDEA: To do a biking trip with boys and their friends, starting from home. 
Small forest roads between Jurmu and Kurtti in Taivalkoski

PREPARATIONS: Choose and rent a cottage not too far. In our case there is a cottage by the lake Kurtti 20 km from us. That is good distance, when there are different people (aged 15-45) with different bikes taking part - Plus a dog. We had to pack sleepingbags, dinner and breakfast to backbags - not everyone had bike-bags. 
Not as heavy as it looks :)

DURATION: Start from home about 16 o'clock, reach cabin at about 19 o'clock with lots of little breaks and one bike broken and fixed on the way. On the cabin we had sauna, grilled dinner and marshmallow to keep the youngsters happy. Next morning just breakfast a tidying, start biking at about 10 and be back home at noon. Total 20 hours. 

Kurtti Cabin


NOTES: It was nice we could use small roads with no cars, just some birds and nice scenery on the highest places. It was a good idea to change bikes or paggages with each other, if somebody got too tired going uphill. For the dog (german shepherd) it was really good to choose a day with not hot weather. Even if the dog is in very good condition, like she is, following the bike's speed  is a real challenge. 
She needs some breaks with water to cool down 

17 July 2014

Teach your horse like your dog

This summer I have spend most of the time at home.
It means lazy mornings, working in the garden, cooking, housework - 
some writing and music - 
and a lot of time with my horse and dogs. 

In these films you can see some of the results
and share my horse-handling and dog.activating tips. 

Summer Activities for Huskies

Teach your Horse like your Dog

Different ways to move and stop your Horse

For those who want to learn more professional 
western-style horse handling I recommend youtube videos from
Warwick Schiller, Stacy Westfall and Camrton Meissner -
to mention a few.

Here is one more film I made:
Best Riding Places

24 June 2014

Under the Midnight Sun

It's midsummer.
Sun doesn't really go down, but the weather has been really cold.
One night it was -4 degrees!

We have had some lazy days with family.
Not really going anywhere,
I have had a change to take some pictures on our farm.
So here is for you Finnish Midsummer Feelings
with the very special light we only get up here in north:
All of these photos have been taken between 8 pm and 1 am.