28 September 2014

Autumn colours

Last weekend I took a trip with some of my friends.
We rented a cottage called Kitka in Posio.
I rented the cottage from Villi Pohjola, which is an easy way to find accommodation near nature.
This cottage has no electricity, but there is a gas stove and an oven that can be heated by firewood.
Cabin Kitka

Cabin Kitka stands alone by a lake called Kitka.
It is a very big lake, famous for it's fish.
Lake Kitka


But me and my friends were not going ro fish-
we just wanted to make daytrips along the shores.
They are nice and sandy.
It would be wonderfull to be there on a hot summer day.
Sandy shores.

There are also very narrow capes, where you can walk and see the lake on both sides.

The main thing was to take photos of autumn coulours.
The sun was not shining, but it doesn't matter -
sometimes the coulours look better in cloudy or even rainy weather.
Or what do you think?