11 March 2016

Skiing with dogs in Syöte National Park


This is the best place  to go skiing with dogs! At least it is the easiest I know. There are so many good tracks where the dogs are allowed, and there are so many cabins and huts and fireplaces along them.

I find it amazing, that it is possible to ski on a well-maintained track through ancient forests and hills with crown snow loaded trees. We are lucky to live so near to Syöte. It is only half or one hour's drive by car - depending on what part of the National Park we are going to.


Ancient Forests

We skied in Syöte on Thursday. Our boys went downhill skiing. They rented skies and bough tickets for whole afternoon. It costed almost 80 euros each, but to see their joy, when they headed to the free-ride park, was worth every penny.
Happy Boys

Syöte Top

Me and Markku skied with Miilu and Mora on the cross-country tracks. Using them costs nothing. We had packed our own lunch to our backpacks at home, so we needed no money for the best day of the week.

The tracks were in very good condition, even if the weather was a little too warm. There were many people skiing near the Center, but the further you go, the less people you see.


Wonderful Tracks

We started from Nature Center and skied first 9 km to Toraslampi. There we grilled some sausage by open fire and made lunch. As expected in the daylight, we didn't meet the ghost from last year.

Then we skied from 7 km to Ahmatupa-cabin. It was a little over three o'clock, so the coffee shop had just closed, but we had some nice blueberry-soup with us. We had a bit of chocolate and nuts and looked at the map. We decided to take a track around Ahmavaara we had never used before. It was a 9 km track with overwhelming views that took us back to Nature center.

Totally we made 25 kilometers. It was the best day of my winter-holiday. And it was so easy to mind the dogs and gear in our new car! It will be a nice little camper (and perhaps worth a post) when it's finished.

To end the day we drove up to the top and had a cup of coffee in the hotel. From there we could see all the places we went today. The scenery was turning blue as evening arrived. Bye bye and thank you Syöte, hope to see you soon again!
New Car

Bye bye!

Overnight skiing-trip alone


On Tuesday I skied to Taimenmutka cabin to spend a night alone there. Or not completely alone; I had my dog Miilu with me. Once again, she proved to be a perfect companion.

Miilu helped me to pull the pulka to the cabin. I knew the way, because we have been there before with my family. The jurney was easy: It's only five kilometers from the road and this time there was a snow-scooter track to follow. It went fast.
Good axe, good wood

In the cabin I did all the usual things: Cleaned the cabin, made firewood, fire and water, cooked dinner, fed the dog and so on. I was surprised how natural it all felt. I have been doing all these tasks so many times with my husband and our sons, that none of them seemed difficult to me.

I let Miilu be free, because she never runs away. Outside she followed me around and inside she stayed on her blanked quiet as a mouse. I almost felt like she appreciated her time with me so much, she tried to be polite and flawless.
View from the cabin

Little by little the daylight vanished. At eight it was dark.The night was very quiet. No sounds, no odd noises - nothing. There was something peaceful in the atmosphere. I was not afraid, but I slept lightly, like I usually do if I'm not at home.

At about three o'clock in the night I found myself awake and wondering, how to catch sleep again. Right then Miilu got up and came to me very slowly, waiting after each step if I ask her to go back to her place or not.
- Come here, I said, and she crawled to the bed next to me. She literally put her paw to my hand. And then we both slept like logs.

Miilu the dog

In the morning she woke me up by putting her cold nose very gently against mine. I opened my eyes, and saw it was getting light. I said:
- I want to sleep a little longer. Miilu raised, went to her place and lied down. I slept an hour more and then started cooking breakfast.
Breakfast coffee coming

I took no hurry to eat, to pack and to tidy. At about eleven I started skiing back. On the way I saw same fox, hare and moose -footprints as the day before, but again no signs of any people.

On the way to the cabin there is two nice-to-ski downhills and only one tough uphill. Coming back from the cabin the other way it is slower. The only downhill this was almost too steep to ski. I had to go very slowly and carefully down.


When I reached the road I waited for my husband to come and pick me up. I packed my skies and Miilu packed herself like this:

This was my first overnight trip alone. It is nice to know I can do it. The best thing was is to ski alone, to be wandering, to cross the forests and hills and swamps. Next time I would like to ski a bit longer ways - between the cabins, maybe. It is very calming to be alone, but I wouldn't mind meeting my family or friends in the cabin in the evening, either.

Remote cabin by dogteam


On monday me and my friend decided to visit a remote cabin called Liiveri.
We thought there might be a track there from the nearest road, but we were wrong.

8 km in the snow

Any normal person would have turned back after 400 meters, where the snow-scooter track ended. We had go all the way in then snow. It was eight kilometers. Quite a lot for a six-dog-team carrying two persons, but after two hours of pushing and pulling and walking, we got the the cabin.

GPS-direction to the team

Neither me or my friend had visited this cabin before. It was hard to find, because it was in the middle of a very thick forest.

Inside it was small, but quite nice with a good fireplace. We made lunch and had a rest.

On the way we saw A MOOSE

Jurney back was a little bit easier, because there was our own track to follow. My dogs never stopped working. I must have done something right training and feeding them this winter!

I might come back to this cabin in autumn. There are great places for picking berries and mushrooms in those forests.

More information about this cabin (in Finnish): Liiveri